Rex Discount Wholesale

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To our valued customer/potential customer,

    Speciallizing in delivery and export of international and domestic products(about 14,000 seperate items in stock ready to be shipped) ranging from groceries/food products to 99 cent plus store items we are the wholesale you have been looking for. We are a wholesale dedicated to serving our customers needs and demands while providing the best possible prices. We deliver out of our Miami location to all of Southern Florida as well as the Carribean and beyond.

Sincerely,                                                                                                      Jose Carrera                                                                                                 Company CEO & Founder

For any information please contact our support team at:

For a complete list of items please contact our sales department at:  

For a sale dealing with export please contact our export department at:

or call us at our office: (305) 633-6650

1090 nw 23 st.                            Miami, Fl 33127                           (305) 633-6650